7 Day Diet For Fast Weight Loss

Here's a simple, yet powerful, 7 day diet for fast weight loss that you can use over and over to lose a lot of weight. I'll just say this. This diet isn't restrictive because it allows you to eat a bunch of good foods, a lot... in fact, as much as you want of them.

Is this diet for everyone? Probably not, but it's great for people who are serious about losing weight once and for all.

7 Day Diet For Fast Weight Loss

1. Eat eggs

You're allowed to eat as many eggs as you want, whenever you want each day. It's as simple as that. The protein in eggs is the highest rated protein value in all foods.

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2. Low calorie yogurt

You're allowed to eat as many of these as you want. I better define low calorie for you. I mean any yogurt that is 80 calories or less. This automatically disqualifies high sugar yogurts. Although yogurts have plenty of sugar and carbs in them, they also have a good bit of protein.

3. Black beans

Eat 1 can a day, doesn't matter if it's during just 1 meal, 2 meals, or 3 meals. Just make sure that by the end of the day, 1 can of black beans is inside of you. A can of black beans has 25 grams of fiber, 25 grams of protein, and only costs 50 cents at Wal-Mart. That's quite the nutritional punch for that price, especially the fiber.

4. Apples

Apples are my favorite fruit, not because I like their taste the best either. It's because they're high in water content and they have 5 grams of fiber in each one of them. They just fill you up really good. Eat as many apples as you want each day.

Now listen, this 7 day diet for fast weight loss isn't designed for long term use because there's a limited number of foods, but what you can do is rotate this with another 7 day diet with other foods such as tuna, chicken breasts, bananas, and lentils.

Either way, expect to lose some serious weight rather quickly with the above 7 day diet.

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