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A natural weight loss cure seems like a fairy tale. Or at least that's what I thought when I first heard about it. I had been trying to lose weight for months to no avail. I just liked food to much! Don't we all. I tried self control but my lack of will power sure wasn't helping me to lose weight quick. I needed a natural weight loss cure but I was pretty darn sure that it didn't exist.

I thought it didn't exist because obviously if there was such a thing everyone including my doctors would have told me about it by now, right? I mean a natural weight loss cure would be impossible to keep under wraps. Wrong! I found out that the reason I didn't know such a thing existed was because it was a well kept secret. Why, you ask? Because we are the ones supplying our doctors and trainers and any number of weight loss specialists we pay for every month in business. Why would they want us thin and healthy when they make their money off of our illness and fat?

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Simple answer they don't want us to know about a natural weight loss cure that could change our lives. They want us kept in the dark seeking for answers and paying them for their ideas and methods. Turning back to them time and again, we try their quick weight loss plans that will eventually fail leaving us even fatter and more miserable.

While doing some of my own searching on the internet I came across something fantastic. It was advice that I had never heard before and it changed my life. I found out that what I had been eating all this time was not only keeping me fat it was making me sick, and not the way you would think.

The foods and things that I was putting into my body were full of harmful parasites and other such malicious entities that were taking up residence inside my body causing a buildup of harmful material that my body was trying to protect itself from. How was it protecting itself? You guessed it, by storing up energy in the form of fat.

Once I learned about what was truly making me fat and how I could clean out my body, I was ecstatic to say the least and ready and rearing to lose weight quick. I was able to clean out that build up, you wouldn't believe how much weight I lost just getting rid of that gross stuff, and almost like magic the weight started coming off. It was coming off because my body no longer needed the fat to protect itself. I was losing weight naturally!

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