Quick Weight Loss For Teens - Colon Cleansing Way!

Do you know you are a Walking Sewage System that carries 20lbs waste? This is the extra and burden weight you are carrying around. Of course your body weight is heavy.

We are actually referring to the dumping ground for the waste materials from the digestive organ - the colon. This extra weight and toxic waste can be removed if you know how to take care of your colon for a natural and fast weight loss for teens. This unwanted waste stored in your colon is not easily removed. Often, this unwanted waste is not evacuated soon enough and be accumulated up to 20lbs. Imagine that 20lbs added weight to your body?

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Experts have maintained that 90% of all diseases of civilization are due to accumulation of toxins waste in the colon. Knowing the ways of keeping the colon healthy and clean is the best way for teens who wants to lost weight fast. You are not only losing weight fast but also healthier. Imagine that extra bouncing stomach is removed. Big and fatty stomach is your body shape if you do not keep your colon clean.

In order to loss weight fast, we must really mean to have and clean colon. A clean colon means we must have enough fibre and friendly bacterial. The main condition for friendly bacterial to reproduce into millions in your colon is when your colon has enough fibre. Friendly bacterial like acidophilus, bifidus and casei are some of the known friendly bacterial. The friend bacterial must produced fast enough to concur all toxic bacterial when toxic bacterial food is consumed. All the colon space supposed to be occupied by bad or toxic bacterial will then be replaced by friendly ones.

Fibre is the food for friendly bacterial. When our colon has enough fibre coupled with friendly bacterial, this solid state is like a metal broom. This metal broom will clean, sweep and scratch the internal wall of the colon. All those sticky waste accumulated for years in the internal colon's wall will be eliminated. When that extra sticky waste is been removed, how light you are? Is it not a good way for quick weight loss for teens?

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